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The Man Who Saw Too Much just rapped! Edition will start in January 2015.  The film, directed and produced by  Trisha Ziff   is a 212BERLIN production and is to be released in 2015. Watch trailer here

A large exhibition of Enrique Metinides will open in January/March 2016 at the new Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos in Mexico City, which shall be opened on March 2015. Curated by Trisha Ziff, the exhibition will consist both of work well known by Enrique Metinides and new works never printed or seen before. A large section of the show will be devoted to images taken by Metinides as a child. The exhibition will include newspapers from his collection, toys and some of his more recent montage works. The museum will become into an amazing space which includes large exhibition spaces, teaching and research areas.

Recently the Jumex Collection acquired a set of photographic prints for their collection in Mexico City. It is the first time a museum archive in the country purchases work of Enrique Metinides. In England the largest collection of the photographer’s prints remains at the Zabludowicz Gallery in London, which recently featured some of Metinides work in the exhibition called <<Infinite City>>  

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Past June 12th, Enrique Metinides along José Antonio Rodríguez and Ernesto Ramírez chatted with the public during a conference titled <<La fotografía de la calle>>, held at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City as part of the complementary activities of the exhibition <<Robert Doisneau. La belleza de lo cotidiano.> Press reviews: (CONACULTA): Diario La Estrella (Agencia Reforma): El Sur. Periódico de Guerrero:

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In May 14, an exhibition of Metinides opened at the Emma Molina gallery in Monterrey with the title  <<El día comenzó diferente.>> This was followed by an exhibition which opened in Guadalajara which included some of his most well known images. Galería Emma Molina Galeana 158 Ote Tampiquito, SPGG, NL Mexico 66240 / +52(81) 1739.1555 +52(81) 8338.6301