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1. Enrique Metinides interviewed by Vice Magazine

Uploaded on 26/10/2011

“Meet Mexico City’s Weegee, crime scene photographer, Enrique Metinides.”  Metinides talks about his life and work, his childhood as an assistant photographer and the story behind some if his most famous images.

2. La Historia detrás del Mito.

Uploaded on April, 20014.

Interview given to  ”La Historia detrás del Mito”  Mexican TV program  which features the lives of  past cinema, TV and sport celebrities. This is a comprehensive interview in which the photographer talks about his childhood, the cinematographic influences present on his work and the story of several of his well know images.  Interspaced, there are opinions from an expert fellow- photographer and a criminalist.

3. Metinides is interviewed in the Museo de Arte Moderno (Museof of Modern Art)
“Ven a tomar café con Enrique Metinides”
Saturday, June 22th 2013.

Enrique Metinides talks to José Luis Martínez, director of the supplement  ”Laberinto” of  the Milenio newspaper. There, he answers questions from the public about his early interest on cinema and gangster movies, and his and Martínez’s thoughts on how is that his photographs have called contemporary art critics’  attention.

4.Enrique Metinides: “El teatro de los hechos”
Uploaded on June, 2011.

This short video was released on occasion of the publication of the book  ”Enrique Metinides: el teatro de los hechos” (Mexico, 2000). Besides a general introduction to his work and life, we can have a glimpse of his massive collection of toys.

5. La fotografía de la calle
Uploaded on June, 2014.

Past June 12th, Enrique Metinides along José Antonio Rodríguez and Ernesto Ramírez chatted with the public during a conference titled “La fotografía de la calle”, held at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City as part of the complementary activities of the exhibition “Robert Doisneau. La belleza de lo cotidiano.” In front of a young audience,  he shared his already well know anecdotes about the perils of being a street photographer.

6. Imagen y violencia. Enrique Metinides.
Uploaded on June, 2011.

Interview with the artist, who gives us a glimpse of the editorial criteria that defined which of his images were published or not. He also talks about his own criteria for taking images and what he deems as important when making a graphic report.

7. Enrique Metinides. Enrique Metinides – SERIES / Kominek books
Uploaded on 2011

On this short video, Metinides talks about two well know photo stories: “The Coffin” (1960) and the “Plane Crash” (1960).